COVID-19: Third Party Driver Notification


March 25, 2020

To all of our partner carriers and their drivers visiting our terminals,

The Health and Safety of our employees as well as yours is and always will be a top priority here at Gardewine. During these difficult times we are all dealing with the changes COVID-19 has brought upon us. At this time, we are increasing our prevention measures to keep our employees safe as we have been deemed “essential service providers.”
That is why effective Friday March 27th, 2020 and until further notice, we are increasing our prevention initiatives regarding social distancing and only allowing Gardewine/Courtesy employees into our buildings and onto our cross docks at all locations.
These changes will have an impact on your drivers and what will be required of them when they arrive at our facilities to drop off or pick up trailers and freight. Please take the time to review the steps below and share with all drivers coming to any of our locations so that we can make this transition as seamless as possible.

  • Dropping a trailer:

o Winnipeg
Drivers arriving at our Winnipeg terminal a trailer loaded with freight will stop at our yard
guard office and receive direction from the staff in the office as to where in the yard to place
the trailer. Any bills will be signed SLC and a copy emailed to the shipper if required and
o Other Terminals
Drivers arriving at our other terminals must report to the terminal office through the main
driver entrance to receive instructions on where to place the trailer. Drivers can hand paper
work to our terminal staff as required. Any bills will be signed SLC and a copy emailed to the
shipper if required and indicated.

  • Picking up a trailer:

o Winnipeg
Drivers will check into our yard office and advise the trailer they are picking up. That trailer will
be validated upon exit and any paperwork we supply will be placed on the back of the trailer.
Drivers should check to ensure their paperwork is in order prior to departing the yard.
o Other Terminals
Drivers arriving at our yard office and retrieving a trailer will be allowed to get their trailer from
the yard (corresponding paperwork will be left in the trailer) and leave. If they require
assistance they are to enter the terminal through the main driver entrance.

  • Dropping or picking up freight from our docks:

As outlined above drivers entering our terminals and requiring access to a dock door for a live delivery or pickup will receive those instructions from the yard guard office in Winnipeg or from entering the main driver entrance at our other terminal locations.

Regardless of terminal location the following process will be mandated:

Before backing in to the assigned door drivers will open their trailer (or truck) door(s) and place the applicable paperwork on the back of the trailer in a secure and visible spot.

Drivers will back into their assigned door and then unhook their trailer after dropping their dollies.
They will then pull ahead of their trailer so they are a minimum 5’ clear of the front of the trailer. They will place their truck in park and wait remaining inside the cab at all times.

Once that is complete the assigned Gardewine employee will come out to the trailer and attach a lockout safety flag to the trailer’s glad hand and apply wheel chocks to the trailer tires.

The Gardewine employee will then return to the dock and complete the loading or stripping of the applicable freight.

Once the Gardewine employee is finished, he or she will leave the signed bills in the back of the trailer and he or she will come back outside to remove the lock-out safety flag from the glad hand as well as the wheel chocks and give the okay for your driver to hook to the trailer and remove it from the door.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS THE DRIVER TO HOOK UP TO A TRAILER WITH GARDEWINE SAFETY FLAGS ATTACHED. If your driver needs to verify the status of the loading/unloading process they can enter the terminal through the main driver entrance.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your patience as jointly we navigate through this unchartered landscape. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact us at 1.800.282.8000.

Gardewine/Courtesy Freight Management Team

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