Gardewine utilizes the latest technology to ensure a positive customer experience by improving compliance, efficiency and visibility. Our latest technology tools include:

Handheld Technology

A Man is Delivering the Shipment to the Customer
Shipping Documents in Real Time

Gardewine utilizes the latest handheld technology for live status updates and to capture shipping documents in real time. The handheld technology transfers live shipment information to Gardewine’s secure online shipping system for customers to access at any time.


Dimensional Freight Scanning Technology

Keep Clear for Scanning & Scale Technology to Capture Shipment Size
Dimensional Freight Scanning by a Man

To help ensure shipment dimension and weight accuracy, Gardewine utilizes the latest scanning & scale technology to capture shipment size.  This helps improve billing accuracy and ensures client invoices are correct the first time.


Parcel Shipment Scanning Technology

Parcel Shipment Scanning by the Gardewine's Worker
A Man is Pasting Bar Code for Shipping Tracking
Shipping Label System for Real Time Tracking

To improve shipment tracking and visibility for clients, Gardewine utilizes barcode scanning technology on parcel freight. Gardewine can provide clients with the shipping label system so they can be self-generated by the client prior to shipping. Gardewine also offers electronic data interchange (EDI) for high volume clients.

Ambient Technology

Temp Trac by SpartanLync Technologies Logo
Live Temperature and GPS Tracking

To ensure ambient temperature compliance throughout transport, Gardewine Ambient Fleet utilizes GPS and Temperature Control technology. Live temperature and GPS tracking allows for alerts if temperature drops below or above set points and immediate action to be taken. Gardewine can provide live updates along with historic temperature data to clients upon request to verify regulatory requirements.

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