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Gardewine Deck offers open-deck LTL and TL hauling services coast to coast throughout Canada. Whether your company is in the lumber, steel, mining, agriculture, or construction industry, we can handle any open-deck requirements, including over-dimensional loads, which require special permits, escort services or other special needs.

Gardewine Deck has more than 160 trailers and 80 tractors, with specialized equipment including:

Gardewine Deck - Offers Open-Deck LTL and TL Hauling Services

Gardewine Deck has comprehensive experience in several of Canada’s main industries, resulting in strategic continuing relationships with companies for more than 60 years.

Experienced Gardewine Deck Service

Keeping Our Customers Connected

Gardewine’s Online System allows customers to trace shipments, acquire proof of delivery documentation, and review historic data of their loads transported by Gardewine Deck.

More great reasons to choose Gardewine Deck: 

Gardewine Deck - Reasons to Choose Gardewine

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