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The Gardewine Experience

As one of the leading transportation companies in Canada with a long history dating back 65 years and terminals across Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, why not consider a career with Gardewine. 


Our continuous growth over the years has provided us the opportunity to engage a diverse group of employees to begin, continue or conclude their professional transportation career.  The Gardewine experience can lead you from entry level to experienced driving positions; Dockworker to Foreman; Foreman to Terminal Manger; or from Flin Flon to Toronto.  Our tenured employees are testament that we are committed to helping you reach your personal career goals. As you grow so do we!  


We are proud to serve the rural communities and ensure our workforce reflects this.  Likewise, we know that a work-life balance is important to you. As a regional carrier it means that you can be home daily. 


With over 65 years of heritage and continuous growth we have embraced the diverse business needs of our employees, while at the same time encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, autonomy, and drive.

Committed to our people, their safety and contributions, and a proud recipient of the Employment Equity Achievement Award, we continue to strive for excellence as we move ahead in our programs.  Our people make the difference and they are our success.  


A Truck Driver of Gardewine Committed to Safety

Gardewine is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. To achieve this, our company has established and maintains a vibrant workplace health and safety program designed to prevent injuries and disease and promote physical, psychological and social wellbeing. The proof of this last statement is in Gardewine’s continued year-over-year safety performance improvement.


Gardewine has not just taken its own words and programs for granted, we are certified by RPM Trucking Industry Safety. Every employee is both accountable and responsible for working in a safe manner.  Our commitment is that “every employee gets to return home in the same condition they arrived at work” - safe and sound. 

Total Compensation

To ensure the Gardewine employee compensation strategy remains competitive, we incorporate a mix of compensation methods that include salary, benefits, incentives and non-cash compensation.  Additionally, we participate in market studies to stay up to date on patterns, trends and industry rates. 

Salary is the most predominant percentage method  due to its stable nature, whereas the incentives focus on achieving and/or actual results tied with organizational goals and objectives. Some of these include mile rates, bonus, profit-sharing, or stock option purchase plan. 

Our benefits focus on stability, health and wellness, and lifestyle, offering employees value.  This includes an extended health care plan, which includes a prescription drug program; disability insurance; and travel insurance.  

Gardewine Employee Compensation Include Salary, Benefits, Incentives and Other

Other benefits include:

Additionally, our retirement programs have a long history of success and involvement with an accredited third party investment group. 

Education, Learning and Development

We understand that in today’s workplace investing in resources that focus on developing skills for employees is necessary to continue moving ahead with safety initiatives, new technology, improved service programs, and many other initiatives; while at the same time providing tools for our people to do their job.  We have a thorough paid onboarding and training and retraining program for all employees. 

Our partnerships with universities, colleges and co-op work placement programs are incredibly important to us.  Likewise, it gives us the opportunity to assist students in their final mile of completion of their certificate, diploma or certification for programs like the apprenticeship programs, such as Red Seal Mechanics.


In partnership with our parent company, Mullen, we offer a Business Management Certificate program for those employees seeking to develop their knowledge of business as it relates to the transportation industry.  Through the Gardewine Educational Assistance Program, employees can also apply for review, approval, and support of accredited educational programs and courses they are taking while actively working with us.

Professional organizations memberships and participation is supported and encouraged to stay up to date and current in your professional area.

Education, Learning and Development by Gardewine's Employee

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