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Gardewine's Journey from 1952 to 2020

From a foundation in 1952 in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Gardewine has evolved from its humble beginnings into a fully integrated, multi-disciplined transportation service provider, satisfying the needs of a diverse contingent of customers and serving over 3,500 communities throughout Canada.


It all started in 1952, when Gardewine & Sons was officially founded in the northern community of Flin Flon, Manitoba by Ralph Gardewine and sons Ed and Cecil.  The small, privately held trucking company serviced Northern Manitoba communities, as well as a daily run between Winnipeg and Flin Flon.

During the Sixties, Gardewine & Sons was a key player in Northern Manitoba’s development and growth transporting supplies, equipment, and components for Manitoba Hydro.

Gardewine & Sons First Truck Service Started in 1952 in Manitoba

Gardewine’s first acquisition.  The company purchases the public service vehicle rights of Gypsumville Transfer with locations in Winnipeg, Flin Flon, and Grand Rapids, Manitoba.

Gardewine & Sons - Gardewine’s First Acquisition in 1961

Gardewine is profiled in an issue of Highway News in an article “Pioneer Northern Highway Transporters:  Gardewine & Sons, pioneers of Winnipeg-Flin Flon service, expand.”

A Large Gardewine's Truck - Profiled in News as an Issue in 1962

Gardewine’s head office moves from Flin Flon to a Fife Street location in Winnipeg, MB.

Gardewine Trucking's Flat-Deck services to rural MB, ON, & SK, Canada, connecting local communities

Paul Albrechtsen purchases Gardewine & Sons.

Paul Albrechtsen Purchases Gardewine & Sons in 1967

Gardewine begins serving Dauphin and area after acquiring Clark Freighters Ltd.

In 1969 Gardewine Begins Serving Dauphin After Acquiring Clark Freighters Ltd.

The “Big G” logo replaces the old Gardewine & Sons logo.  The new design won the Governor General’s award for design excellence.

"Big G” Logo Replaces the Old Gardewine & Sons Logo in 1970s | Gardewine North Logo

Gardewine’s Winnipeg headquarters moves to 300 Oak Point Highway.

Gardewine’s Winnipeg Headquarters Moves to 300 Oak Point Highway in 1971

Gardewine opens a terminal in Thompson, MB

Gardewine Terminal in Thompson, Mb Opened in 1972

Northern Leasing begins operations in the mid-1970’s as Gardewine’s custom contract hauling division.  Northern Leasing trucks and drivers move trailers bearing a customer’s logo on a dedicated basis.  Northern Leasing eventually becomes Northern Cartage, providing custom contract hauling solutions predominantly throughout Western Canada.

Northern Cartage - Providing Contract Hauling Solutions Throughout Western Canada | Northern Cartage Logo

Northern Bulk Hauling is incorporated in early 1978 to handle ore hauls in Flin Flon, expanding into other communities including Leaf Rapids and Snow Lake.  In the early 1980’s Northern Bulk took on wood chip hauls in Kenora and Fort Frances, Ontario areas. The division has continued to expand into Northern Ontario with the type of products moved and customers and served.

Gardewine's Northern Bulk Icon Incorporated in Early 1978 | Northern Bulk Logo

Gardewine expands its operations in Northern and Central Manitoba through the acquisition of nine companies serving various communities, including Norway House and Neepawa.

Gardewine Expands in Northern and Central Manitoba between 1981 - 1988

Gardewine expands its operation and areas served throughout Southern and Central Manitoba with the acquisition of 19 trucking companies or segments of their operations.

Gardewine top trucking transport company expanded its logistics distribution services MB, SK, ON

Gardewine begins service to some Saskatchewan points when LTL rights are purchased from Roblin Truck Service.

Gardewine Begins Service to Some Saskatchewan Points in 1991

Gardewine’s Mission and Vision statements are developed.

Gardewine Offering LTL Truck, Courier Van, and Flat Deck services in MB, ON & SK.

Gardewine begins offering service in Northwestern Ontario.

Gardewine started Service in Northwestern Ontario in 1993 | Less than Load Carriers in Manitoba

Gardewine purchases Motorways’ Winnipeg head office and dock property at 60 Eagle Drive after Motorways closes, moving into the location in the spring of 1995.  60 Eagle Drive remains Gardewine’s head office location today.  Gardewine also purchased some smaller Motorways terminal buildings in Ontario and Manitoba.

In 1994, Gardewine Purchased Motorways’ Winnipeg Head Office

Gardewine announces an increased emphasis on service to North and Northwest Ontario through Gardewine’s ten terminals and agencies in Atikokan, Dryden, Ear Falls, Fort Frances, Kenora, North Bay, Red Lake, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Toronto.  Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Toronto (Mississauga) Terminals are now main hub locations for Gardewine.

Nunavut territory becomes part of the expanding Gardewine service in the north when 133 piggyback trailers, four boxcars, and 30 auto carriers are loaded at Thompson, shipped by train to Churchill, and transferred to barges for the final leg to Nunavut points.

A LTL white colored Gardewine truck | They provide service to North and Northwest Ontario.

The 60 Eagle Drive Winnipeg dock area expands by 14,000 square feet.  Twenty-three of the 34 new doors are refrigerated to accommodate the growing Perishable freight service.   Today Gardewine’s main Winnipeg dock has 93 loading doors.

Gardewine's Winnipeg Dock: 93 doors since 2002. Provides warehousing and distribution services.

Gardewine launches its Northern Deck division.  The new division’s focus is to meet the specialized shipping needs of customers whose products are not easily loaded into a standard trailer and provide solutions to moving loads of all shapes and sizes. The division grows quickly right from the start, with customers across the country. When the demand for service outside the Gardewine network becomes too great, Gardewine introduces a new division to handle the logistics.

A Big Red Colored Gardewine's Truck Handling the Logistics. | Flatbed trucking solutions

Northern Logistics commences operations to meet customer demand for service to and from points outside the Gardewine asset-based service network.

Gardewine's Northern Logistics Commences Meet Customer Demand for Service | Northern logistics logo

Gardewine purchases Motopac Western Parcel Service of Winnipeg, rebranding the company as Northern Parcel.

Northern Parcel - Gardewine's Reberanding in 2007 | Northern Parcel Logo

TriWest Capital Partners acquires Gardewine.

MTS Centre - TriWest Capital Partners acquires Gardewine in 2008

Gardewine acquires Trans Provincial Freight Carriers Ltd. of Sault Ste. Marie, ON on September 30.  The addition helps further strengthen Gardewine’s network capacity and provide expanded service options including direct service between Northern Ontario and Montreal.

Gardewine Offering LTL Truck, Courier Van, and Flat Deck services in MB, ON & SK.

Gardewine rebrands under one name and unveils a new logo on June 4.  One of Gardewine’s strengths has always been the wide range of service offerings and the ability to move virtually any type of freight from small parcels to oversized loads. At the time of rebranding, these services were performed through five divisions: Gardewine North, Northern Bulk, Northern Cartage, Northern Deck, and Northern Logistics.   Rebranding under one name sends a clear message to customers: We are one company.  This is who we are and what we do. The new design also pays tribute to the company’s history with a new look to the Gardewine name. To complement the new logo, the tagline “Just Gardewine It!” is also introduced.

Gardewine's Logo

Mullen Group Ltd. announces the acquisition of Gardewine on November 24, 2014.  Gardewine operates as an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Mullen Group Ltd. The acquisition officially closes on January 9, 2015.

The Acquisition on Gardewine by Mullen Group Ltd. Closes in 2015

Today Gardewine responds to the needs of our customers through the supply of LTL, TL, Dedicated, Deck, Bulk, Logistics, Warehousing, Moving & Storage, Cold Chain, Ambient, Courier, and Expedited/Hot Shot services.

Satisfying the needs of a diverse contingent of customers with our exceptional professional workforce of over 1700 diligent and hardworking professionals, we proudly serve over 3500 communities throughout Canada, North America and beyond.

Gardewine Today - Serving 3,500+ rural communities in North America | Less than Load Carriers.

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