Gardewine is a diversified transportation company. The Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) Technology side is responsible for providing all our customers with the ability to trace their own shipments from time of order placement, freight pickup and right through to final delivery.

There are few industries in Canada which affect the public and our economy as directly as the transportation industry. Gardewine’s EDI Technology keeps our customers and their products moving safely, efficiently, and cost effectively in an ever-demanding business environment as the company handles thousands of shipments per day.

Strategic Benefits:

- Providing assistance to all of the divisions of the company and complimenting a high level of customer service through the areas of electronic billing and tracing services.

- Providing a special link on Gardewine’s web page, allowing customers to trace their shipments.

- Giving each customer the ability to view and print their bill of lading or proof of delivery which contains the consignee’s signature indicating that freight was received.

- Providing EDI capability to send invoices and proof of delivery documents electronically.

- Sending files, with all the necessary invoice information to a customer, so that they can upload it to their system, without having to print and mail hard copy invoices.

This EDI Technology provides Gardewine and strategic partners with the ability to meet the diverse challenges from our varied list of customers and the handling of all of their transportation and shipping requirements.