Sealift Transportation Service through Churchill to the Kivalliq

Gardewine is able to coordinate the movement of freight on behalf of customers that prefer to make their own booking arrangements with NSSI. All freight being shipped directly with Gardewine will require a NSSI confirmation number in order for the freight to depart from Winnipeg to Churchill. The confirmation number given by NSSI verifies that the freight has been properly booked and that sufficient capacity is available. NSSI and Gardewine require all freight to be properly packaged and meet mandatory guidelines. These guidelines help to ensure that all freight reaches its destination safely.

Gardewine has established a relationship with the northern supply company, Arctic Connection:

Arctic Connection can provide crating, packaging, and freight service arrangements. Customers then make shipping arrangements with Arctic Connection. Arctic Connection will not be required to provide Gardewine with a NSSI confirmation number in advance. Arctic Connection, will make their own arrangements with NSSI.

For rates and service days to Churchill contact Gardewine Customer Service: 1-800-665-7340 or