NEW! October 2017: Updated Gardewine BOL and new 10-digit pro stickers are now in effect. Please refer to the June 9 customer notice or contact your Account Manager, Customer Service Representative or Terminal Manager for more information.

Please see: Gardewine Fillable BOL Customer Guide for instructions and a sample BOL.

Gardewine Bulk specializes in the handling and transportation of a wide variety of bulk commodities.

Gardewine Bulk is diversified in the type of products it can handle, ranging from lumber, wood chips, grain, sawdust, offal, and salt, to a variety of products related to the mining industry including ore, chemical concentrates, lime, and propane products.

Whatever your need, our team of Gardewine Bulk professionals will work to meet and exceed your expectations, providing solutions to your transportation requirements.



- Customized transportation and distribution solutions, including the design and operation of all manner of specialized bulk hauling equipment.

- Provincial, national and international solutions available with on-site management capability as required.

- A seasoned group of transportation professionals highly qualified in the design and application of specialized equipment and in optimization of the Distribution Resource Planning Process (DRP).